Electrical Safety First

Product Safety

Every year a significant number of electrical accidents and injuries are caused by electrical products – either because of sub-standard goods or misuse. To tackle this, Electrical Safety First is campaigning to raise public awareness of the dangers around electrical products and appliances.

In-depth research and a review of current legislation has been undertaken to provide a firm foundation for the campaign approach. It has three main areas of focus:

1. Enhancing risk communication and improving the safety standards for higher risk appliances

Around half of all accidental fires in UK homes have an electrical origin and 85% of these can be attributed to electrical appliances. Product misuse is a major cause of these accidents and the campaign addresses the basic and easily avoidable “blunders” that people make when using electrical appliances in the home.

Electrical Safety First will also seek to influence safety standards and to improve the warning labels and instructions that accompany higher risk products.

2. Improving Product Recall

At the moment, a low percentage of products are returned when a recall is issued (generally between 10 and 20%). Electrical Safety First wants to improve recall effectiveness and share best practice, setting minimum requirements and standards.

Work needs to be done to communicate the importance of paying attention to product recalls to the public.

3. Improving the traceability of electrical goods

When a product goes from point of sale to the consumer, the retailer will often be left with no record as people are reluctant to complete the registration cards in appliances they have purchased.

Minimum and continuous improvement targets should be established for the traceability of all products on the market, and through to the consumer.

Electrical Safety First works in collaboration with industry partners and like-minded safety organisations on its campaigns to raise awareness of the issues around product safety.